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19th to 24th November 2014

Prizegiving Ceremony


Congratulations to Formula Experience World Champion Mariano Reutemann (ARG-8)
Second:  Eduardo Herman Kretschmer (CHI-1)
Third:  Max Robinson (CAN-1)

 Hurricane Forecast Brings Formula Experience Worlds to a Close

16 racers from 7 countries representing 3 continents joined the start line for the Formula Experience World Championships taking place at the Laguna Mar Chiquita International Sailing Centre, Miramar, Cordoba, Argentina from 19-24 November. The forecast looked promising and, as the event progressed, other classes would be joining the event for the "Miramar Windsurf Grand Prix".

Day one became a practice day rather than competition day as the Race Committee started one race but had to abandon it and then later in the afternoon they tried once more but the wind dropped again.  Nevertheless, it gave competitors a chance to test their abilities on the start line and enjoy time on the fabulous bay waters.

Early in the evening a mighty lightning storm was followed by torrential rain that lasted through the night into the early hours.  Competitors awoke to beautiful sunshine but a distinct lack of wind! However, at 1040h, AP came down as wind speeds were recorded at about 8 to 10 knots.

The wind increased to 12 knots after the starting procedure began for race 1, resulting in Mariano Reutemann (ARG-8) winning in just 11 minutes. Second was Adam Lozynski (POL-1) and third Eduardo Herman Kretschmer (CHI-1).

A longer course was set for race 2 as again the wind increased to 14 to 16 knots. Again Mariano took the bullet but this time Eduardo beat Adam over the line.  The wind held around 13 knots for the third race and the same three took the top three places in this 17 minute race. Eduardo was victorious this time, ahead of Mariano, ahead of Adam. 

It appeared that these three were dominating the podium positions and not giving anyone else a look in.  However, after a break ashore, race 4 saw Mariano once again first over the line ahead of Eduardo but with a new contender in third place - Gustavo Zammitto (ARG-11).

There was no doubt that Mariano was no longer going to allow anyone to cross the finish line before him as the next day he took all four bullets in fine fashion, whilst battle raged behind him.  The Chilean Eduardo took three second places, allowing Canadian Max Robinson to beat him in race 7.  Max had a great day, ahead of yesterday's third placed Adam Lozynski in all the day's races.  However, Adam still held the 3rd podium place on a tie break.

The penultimate championship day dawned sunny, starting with 20 knots and ending on the last FE race with 8 knots.  With 7 possible races to go Eduardo Herman was still in contention for the Championship title and Mariano could not afford to let his attention slip. And nor did he, taking the bullets in the two races in the morning and also the two in the afternoon.  Mariano had such a strong lead at the end of the day he could stay at home for the last three races as he now had (2 - 1 - 1) to discard.

The Canadian Max was pushing hard sharing second and third places with Chilean Eduardo, two apiece.  Adam Lozynski was by now getting very accustomed to taking fourth place.

12 races were now completed and the three podium positions were decided as, with a huge hurricane forecast coming up from the South, there was to be no more racing at the Formula Experience World Championships.  Results after race 12 were final.

Full Results

Prizegiving Ceremony

Posted On:  20/11/2014 12:01:57

Between 19 and November 24 the Formula Experience World Championships will be held at the Laguna Mar Chiquita International Sailing Centre, where competitors will be able to compete alongside the best in the world.......( more )

Posted On:  13/11/2014 16:55:23

The FE board is the FW 167 shape in AST Reflex Technology with extra carbon reinforcement for the fin box.

The F One sail is based on the 2015 Severne Overdrive in the 9.5/11.0 and Turbo in smaller sizes. ......( more )

Posted On:  21/10/2014 16:01:09

The 2014 Formula Experience Worlds will open on 19th November with registration and equipment inspection before the Opening Ceremony in the evening.  The good news is, although the pre-entry deadline has now passed, the time to claim your 30 eur pre-entry discount has been extended......( more )

Posted On:  17/10/2014 08:26:37

The AGM of the Formula Experience Class shall take place on Friday 21st November in Cordoba, during the forthcoming World Championships.......( more )

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