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Gonzalo Costa Hoevel: 2013 Formula Experience World Champion

The 2013 Formula Experience World Championships in Araruama, Brazil has come to a close and what an event it's been! After four days of windy, tactical races on the water and entertaining evenings off the water, the 2013 Formula Experience World Champion has been crowned! And it's no other than Starboard Dream Team rider Gonzalo Costa Hoevel. Starboard were able to ask him a few questions regarding his victory, his vision for the Formula Experience Class and his winter training plans. Just click here to read the exclusive interview!

10 Races Decide Winners of FE World Championships 2013

Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (ARG-3) is crowned 2013 Formula Experience World Champion having finished the way he started, at the top of the overall leaderboard.  The 2012 Champion, Brazilian hotshot Paulo dos Reis, finished the championship two points behind and had to settle for second place on the podium.  The third place was taken by Pablo Ania Barrachina (ESP-16). 

"Gonzo" will no doubt be relieved that he could throw out both "OCS" scores of 66 points each which kept him out of the running until the last day of racing when two discards came into play! 

Brazilians take all the sub-division titles: Paulo is first Master; first Youth is Leonardo Venturini who finished 10th overall, Luis Souza is first Grand Master and First Junior is Brenno Francioli. 

In the Women's division, Argentinian Jazmen Lopez Becker and Brazilian Patricia Freitas share equal points but Jazmen beats Patricia on discards.  Third woman is Brazilian Patricia Freitas.

The event finished with a "Super Show" with Brazilian percussion master Reppolho "Zabumbeat" celebrating a fantastic 39 year musical career.

The Formula Experience Class is delighted to have been able to return to UpWind Clube e Escola on the lake of Araruama, an amazing venue which is so warm and welcoming. Special thanks to the City of Araruama for their sponsorship, and to everyone involved in providing yet another fantastic World Championship event.

Another Four Races at the FE Worlds Araruama

All change after another four races make six in total and the first discard comes into play.  At the top of the leaderboard Paulo dos Reis is now the one to watch!  He now has less than half the points of his nearest rival, Pablo Ania Barrachina, after today's two bullets and two second places.  Just two points behind Pablo is Nahoel Abram (ARG-1) occupying the third podium spot.

Last night's leader, Argentinian Martin Miguel Berardo, has been kicked off the podium into fourth place overall.  Gonzo Hoevel repeated his OCS mistake of the day before in race 3 so he wallows in 14th overall despite his fourth, first and second in the other races.

Two youths have overtaken Alessio Botteri and Brazilian Leonardo Venturini Filho is now First Youth, Luis Souza has claimed first Grand Master spot but Brenno Francioli from Brazil is holding on to his first Junior position.

Competitors are thoroughly enjoying the warm friendly atmosphere with musical entertainment, delicious food and great facilities.

Araruama FE Worlds Gets Off to a Great Start

2 races on day 1 (11/14/2013) with winds ranging between 9 and 15 knots. "Gonzo" Costa Hoevel (ARG-3) took the first bullet of the competition beating fellow Argentinian Martin Miguel Berardo over the finish line.  He was followed by hotshot Brazilian Master Paulo dos Reis then Nahoel Abram (ARG-1) with Spaniard Pablo Ania Barrachina in fifth.

Gonzo is really going to regret his OCS in Race 2 as he disappeared down the ranking.  Martin Miguel Berardo became the overnight leader as he was first over the finish line in race 2 with Paulo dos Reis in second and Pablo Ania Barrachina in third reflecting their positions on the overall leaderboard.

First youth at the moment is Peruvian Alessio Botteri, first Grandmaster Brazilian Roberto Esteves Lima and first Junior, Brenno Francioli from Brazil is putting in a creditable performance, 19th overall out of 65 competitors - not bad!

Head over to Facebook for competition updates, photos and more

Results (jpg)

Video from Day 0

2013 Araruama Formula Experience World Championship

From November 14th to November 17th, the lake of Araruama near Rio de Janeiro, Brasil will host the 2013 Formula Experience World Championships. The air temperature is likely to be anything between 26 and 36 degrees Celsius, with the water temperature between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. Add winds between 10 and 30 knots, a stunning location and you'll know it's an event you cannot miss! We already have 76 athletes confirmed and there are two more weeks to go!

This is the second time in Formula Experience history that the World Championships are disputed in Araruama, Brazil. In 2010, all 15 races were completed in winds blowing from 12 to 25+ knots. It seems that this year won't be different as the windy season has already begun and the winds are really blowing this time! The 2013 Formula Experience Worlds should be the event with the highest technical level in the history of the class, with a couple of famous names attending: Gonzalo Costa Hoevel from Argentina is confirmed to attend and challenge current 2012 Champion Paulo dos Reis from Brazil for his world title.

Thanks to sponsorship by the City of Araruama, the Formula Experience Class is able to offer massive discounts on usual World Championship fees. The required entry fee for the World Championships is currently 80 euros, unless you are competing in the Youth or Juniors divisions, in which case the fees are 65 and 50 euros respectively. This event will also feature a "Sports" division, racing a shorter course, over a shorter schedule and aimed at just about anyone! The entry fee for this special division stands at only 30 euros! To register online, click the link here! And download the Notice of Race here!

And you can also charter your equipment for a small fee!

Starboard Formula Experience One Design board (NEW): $280
Starboard Formula Experience One Design board (USED): $250

Severne Formula Experience OD 11.0 (NEW): $350
Severne Formula Experience OD 9.7 (NEW): $330

There is a limited quantity of equipment and the system works with a "first come, first serve" policy so book your equipment quickly by contacting Katanka here: katanka@katanka.com.br. Whether you decide to rent or come with your own, make sure you advise of your flight details so that transport from the airport can be arranged!

And if that is not enough to convince you to go to Brazil, have a look at the teaser put together by UpWind Clube e Escola.

Araruama awaits! A little taster of what you might expect is right here on YouTube

Don't delay, enter today!! Check out the official event Facebook page and the Notice of Race


  • Starboard Formula Experience board (new): US$ 280*
  • Starboard Formula Experience board (used): US$ 250*
  • Rig Severne FEOD 11.0 (new): US$ 350*
  • Rig Severne FEOD 9.7 (new): US$ 330*

* Payment: cash only in USD or Real currencies

- Limited qty of equipment. "First come, first served" policy

- Book your equipment contacting mailtkatanka@katanka.com.br

Posted On: 20/08/2013 07:40:45

Entries are coming in already for the 2013 Araruama Formula Experience World Championship taking place 14-17 November at Upwind, Araruama, RJ, Brasil.

Thanks to sponsorship by the City of Araruama the FE Class is able to offer a massive 50% discount on usual World Championship fees for entries registered before 14 October. The required entry fee for the World Championships is currently 80 euro, unless you are a youth in which case it is 65 euro or for Juniors it is 50 euro - ENTER NOW!

This event also features a "Sports Division", racing a shorter course, over a shorter, three day, schedule and right now anyone can enter this division for the really cheap price of 30 eur.

The air temperature is likely to be anything between 26 and 36oC with a water temperature between 20 and 25oC. Add winds between 12 and 30 knots and a stunning location and you have a "really not to be missed" event!

There is a variety of accommodation is available at preferential rates. Look for information on the event facebook page or for further tourist info visit Turismo Araruama:

The nearest airport is the Rio de Janeiro (GIG) International Airport, which is 133 km from the event site. The organiser will arrange transfer between the airport and the event site. Please advise flight details as soon as possible.

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