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Paulo Dos Reis from Brazil

1. How does it feel to be the new Formula Experience South American and World Champion 2012?

We know that to win an important event we need to train a lot, exercise and have a nutrition plan. Also, we must stay away from family and friends, but the end result is very positive. I am really happy about these wins, about conquering these new important titles in my career as a professional windsurfer. We know that the technical skills of the athletes in both events were very high.

2. This is your first year competing in this Class, what do you think of this “One Design” format in Formula?

For several years I have been competing in Formula Windsurfing Class in which we have a lot of new equipment development. I really understand that for a non professional sailor it is really difficult to compete on equal terms with other competitors in Formula Windsurfing. I really enjoyed the format of the Formula Experience One Design class because what makes the big difference between one competitor and the other is the athlete itself but not the gear. I believe that the format of a Formula One Design class is perfect.

3. How do you think this will benefit the development of Formula Classes worldwide?

I am sure that the arrival of big Formula Windsurfing athletes to the Formula Experience One Design will bring better development of windsurfing gear and also will push even more the technical skills in the championships.

4. What do you think about the gear? It looks like it survived great demands in Paracas?

I was really impressed about the durability and strength of the One Design gear. I traveled to the World Championship with just one mast, one boom, one board, one extension and one mast foot, and competed 14 races in strong and light winds and my equipment resisted all races. I am a heavy sailor, that normally works the equipment hard but, even so, the gear worked ok. If it did not break with Paulo, it's because it's really good equipment....ha ha ha!

5. What are your goals for the next year in Formula Experience?

My plans for 2013 are to compete in the South American championship (venue to confirm yet) and in the Worlds Championship in Salvador, Bahia - Brasil.

6. How would you encourage more high level Master and Junior competitors to join the Formula Experience Class?

I think working hard at the base of the sport is fundamental to have new sailors in Formula Experience Class. As seen in Peru, I think that this One Design class has a lot of chance to attract new people to future Formula Experience competitions.

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