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MINUTES of the 2012 Annual General Meeting of the Formula Experience Class
to be held on Thursday 20th December 2012 in La Hacienda, Paracas, Peru.

Marcello Morrone (Committee)
Nicolas Schreier (APW)
Ceri Williams (IWA and Class Secretary)
Representatives from all nations competing in the championships

Remi Vila (Chairman)
Marc Cardon (Vice Chairman)

1) Welcome and registration of delegates and votes

In the absence of Remi Vila, Ceri Williams chaired the meeting. With no elections or submissions to be voted upon it was proposed to open the meeting to informal discussion; any issues that may require a response would be submitted to the Class Committee for further consideration and possible action.

2)  Minutes of the 2011 AGM and any matters arising     

There were no matters arising from the last AGM.

3)  Chairman's Report

Ceri Williams gave a brief report on 2011 championships; and noted that this year's entry in Paracas (46 competitors) was exactly the same as Cozumel in 2011.

4)  Financial Statement

IWA Annual Accounts   

Class Management Accounts

Ceri Williams informed the meeting that the IWA expected to announce an increased surplus (over 2011) in the 2012 Accounts. The Techno 293 Class was primarily responsible for that - with other classes "breaking even".

5)  Class Rules 

There had been no submissions to change Class Rules - ie equipment rules. The competitors present were mainly satisfied with the new One Design equipment from Starboard and Severne, with some comments about the performance of the sail.

6)  To receive reports on future championship venues

a) 2013 South Americans - this championship had yet to be confirmed. One bid from Argentina had been withdrawn, CW hoped to find a new venue/organiser in Argentina.

b) 2013 World Championships - Bahia, Brasil -14th to 18th November. This championship has been confirmed by contract, although the exact venue may be different from the venue of the 2012 South American Championships.

7)  Any other business

a) Championship Titles and Age Groups

The meeting discussed the possibility of additional world titles. Ceri Williams explained the ISAF regulations, but also advised the meeting that separating the Youth & Juniors from the Seniors/Masters could allow the possibility of a second title, and should be considered for next year's championships.

b) Committee and country representation

It was agreed that all major countries participating in FE Class should be represented on the Committee. It was recommended that the Class Committee co-opt Nicolas Schreier for the coming year.

Meeting Closed -10.00pm

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