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Come to Peru!!

Come and join the Beach Party at Santo Domingo in Paracas to celebrate the end of the World Championship 2012 FE Worlds Paracas on Saturday 22 December! 

Paracas Bay, Paracas, in Peru will be the venue of the 2012 World Championships from 17th to 22nd December.

The entry list is filling up fast - we have competitors from Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Espana, Italia, Russia . . . The discount entry deadline has been extended to 30 November so those who are still thinking about it have just a week to take advantage of the 30 euro discount.

"La Hacienda Paracas" Hotel is the official hotel of our Paracas Worlds FE 2012!!! Contact Ines Fetzer at ventas@hoteleslahacienda.com or visit the website: http://www.hoteleslahacienda.com/

Book your Board charter by contacting paracasworlds@peru.com

BOARD: Formula Experience 160lts 250USD
RIG: Severne Formula Experience 11 320 USD
RIG: Severne Formula Experience 9.7 300 USD
RIG: Severne Formula Experience 8.5 300 USD

Oscar Martinez (CHILE) will be our Race Director at 2012 Paracas FE Worlds. He is a reputed International Jury, who has already come twice to Peru as director of regatta, he knows Paracas' wind conditions very well and will be assisted by nautical staff he has worked with in the past.

For more information regarding Paracas Worlds FE 2012, please contact us at paracasworlds@peru.com.

Wind conditions are expected between 10 and 25 knots, the average temperature ranges from 24 to 29C and the water temperature is between 20 and 22C. The venue is located 270km south of Lima and the organization of the championship will offer the transfer to Paracas.

The championship is organised by the Asociacion Peruana de Windsurf, with a proven track record as hosts of a South American Championship in 2010.

Paracas bay, with its southern end lying within the Paracas National Reservation is well-known for its abundant wildlife. The unique ecosystem, insulated from thrashing ocean waves and current by Paracas Peninsula, and its shallow warmer waters, stimulates a remarkable growth of seaweed for which much of the wildlife, particularly the birds of Paracas, thrive upon directly or indirectly.

The bay appears as the gateway to Paracas National Reserve, its warmer shallow waters foster wildlife and many nautical sports, and its calm shoreline protects the municipality of Paracas and the various cottages and hotels that have sprung up in the last few years. As of recent years, the bay has hosted many sailors on catamarans and windsurfers seeking the flat water and strong wind found in the bay.

A great opportunity to bring the whole family on vacation in December! Among other attractions, ride the boat to the Ballestas Islands, where colonies of penguins, pelicans, condors, flamingos, dolphins and sea lions dominate the scene.
Notice of Race 
For further information - paracasworlds@peru.com

pics http://katanka.com.br/

Champions crowned in Paracas
Posted On:  23/12/2012 06:15:16

Congratulations to Paulo Dos Reis (BRA 3333) who takes the title of 2012 Formula Experience World Champion. FE Masters Champion is Marcello Morrone (BRA 3), FE Youth Champion is Gabriel Bastos (BRA 127), FE Women's Champion is Bruna Mello (BRA 49) and Alessio Botteri (PER 20) is the undisputed FE Junior Champion.

A late start but 3 races on the final championship day, keenly fought in light winds. Everyone was hoping for four but the 15th race was abandoned by decision of the Jury.

What a battle between the top three men today. Former World Champion Nicolas Schreier was on form, beating Spaniard Pablo Ania over the line to take two bullets, leaving Paulo Dos Reis to wallow in third. But then Pablo took the third win of the day and Paulo forced Nicolas to settle for third.

Nicolas Schreier: "Today the wind was in my favour and I won 2 races. In the end, despite my best efforts I couldn't make second place overall and finished third. I really feel very happy because this Championship has been the best, super competitive and hard-fought. The wind changed each day of the Championship and that made you become very adaptable. The fight between the top places was amazing and incredibly tight!"

Alessio Botteri expressed his joy for his junior world title: "All my opponents were very challenging and it was tough getting the world title." The fight for the 2nd place was exciting, and continued with suspense until the last moment. In the end, it was Dutchman Lars van Someren (NED-800) who took silver. The Peruvian Juan Pedro Meier (PER-19) won the 3rd place on the podium, knocking off Mexican Mario Flores (MEX-50), who came in 4th in the last race. Simon Sousa (PER-8) in 5th was the best Sub-15.

Brazilian Bruna Mello M. (BRA-49), took the ladies title while Peruvians Josefina Roder (PER-10) and Valeria Guevara (PER-44) shared the podium in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

This Formula Experience World Championhip reconfirmed that the Bay of Paracas is a wind machine, which has been the perfect setting for this competition at the highest level, with very disputed races from beginning to end, of great emotions of suspense until the end, of triumphs and joys, podiums, prizes and medals, but finally party and fellowship between all 46 competitors, who came from all over the world, their relatives and friends, organizers and sponsors.

The Formula Experience Class would like to thank everyone involved in staging this magnificent event: the organisers, International Jury, Peruvian Sailing Federation, Club Regatas Lima, Entertainment Producciones, on-shore and on-water support personnel and of course the Race Director Mr. Oscar Martinez.  Thanks also to JEEP, Herbalife and all the event sponsors.

Competitors enjoyed excellent conditions for sailing and racing offered by Paracas, Ica - Peru. We had 14 valid races, (the last aborted but the maximum is 15); some with very strong winds of 25-26 knots, some with winds average 12-16 knots, and also some with minimum 7-8 knots wind. In the end, the most important thing is that we all enjoyed a great world class event.

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