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Come to Peru!!

Come and join the Beach Party at Santo Domingo in Paracas to celebrate the end of the World Championship 2012 FE Worlds Paracas on Saturday 22 December! 

Paracas Bay, Paracas, in Peru will be the venue of the 2012 World Championships from 17th to 22nd December.

The entry list is filling up fast - we have competitors from Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Espana, Italia, Russia . . . The discount entry deadline has been extended to 30 November so those who are still thinking about it have just a week to take advantage of the 30 euro discount.

"La Hacienda Paracas" Hotel is the official hotel of our Paracas Worlds FE 2012!!! Contact Ines Fetzer at ventas@hoteleslahacienda.com or visit the website: http://www.hoteleslahacienda.com/

Book your Board charter by contacting paracasworlds@peru.com

BOARD: Formula Experience 160lts 250USD
RIG: Severne Formula Experience 11 320 USD
RIG: Severne Formula Experience 9.7 300 USD
RIG: Severne Formula Experience 8.5 300 USD

Oscar Martinez (CHILE) will be our Race Director at 2012 Paracas FE Worlds. He is a reputed International Jury, who has already come twice to Peru as director of regatta, he knows Paracas' wind conditions very well and will be assisted by nautical staff he has worked with in the past.

For more information regarding Paracas Worlds FE 2012, please contact us at paracasworlds@peru.com.

Wind conditions are expected between 10 and 25 knots, the average temperature ranges from 24 to 29C and the water temperature is between 20 and 22C. The venue is located 270km south of Lima and the organization of the championship will offer the transfer to Paracas.

The championship is organised by the Asociacion Peruana de Windsurf, with a proven track record as hosts of a South American Championship in 2010.

Paracas bay, with its southern end lying within the Paracas National Reservation is well-known for its abundant wildlife. The unique ecosystem, insulated from thrashing ocean waves and current by Paracas Peninsula, and its shallow warmer waters, stimulates a remarkable growth of seaweed for which much of the wildlife, particularly the birds of Paracas, thrive upon directly or indirectly.

The bay appears as the gateway to Paracas National Reserve, its warmer shallow waters foster wildlife and many nautical sports, and its calm shoreline protects the municipality of Paracas and the various cottages and hotels that have sprung up in the last few years. As of recent years, the bay has hosted many sailors on catamarans and windsurfers seeking the flat water and strong wind found in the bay.

A great opportunity to bring the whole family on vacation in December! Among other attractions, ride the boat to the Ballestas Islands, where colonies of penguins, pelicans, condors, flamingos, dolphins and sea lions dominate the scene.
Notice of Race 
For further information - paracasworlds@peru.com

pics http://katanka.com.br/

New Challenges on Day Three at the Paracas Worlds
Posted On:  22/12/2012 07:04:06

Today has brought new challenges, with much less wind than the first two days, and a chance for light wind specialists to perform. We have seen three races, hotly contested from start to finish at the highest competitive level.

At noon, the Race Director called the start of race 9 on a new course C. A light and variable north wind giving marginal conditions, only blowing 8-12 knots in the Bay of Paracas, but enough to give Spaniard Pablo Ania Barrachina his first win of the championship. Our leaderboard dominator, Paulo Dos Reis, had to settle for fourth.

Before another race could be started, the wind dropped and competitors were sent back to the beach.  Very quickly the wind swung into the normal southerly direction, built to 15 knots, and the course was relaid as course A.

The wind for Race 10 was a little shifty, with some "holes" without wind, but at last current FE World Champion, Peruvian Nicolas Schreier, was able to take a bullet. With a more consistent breeze for race 11, Paulo Dos Reis was able to regain his customary first place over the finish line after a super-tight race between himself, Pablo Ania, Edward Herman and Nicolas Schreier. 

On the overall leaderboard, with three discards now in play, Paulo Dos Reis has a perfect score at the top; Pablo Ania Barrachina is second and Nicolas Schreier is third. 

It is off the podium that the real battles are taking place. Marcello Morrone is first Master in fourth place but Eduardo Hernan (CHI 1), just one point behind, stands a chance of overtaking him.  Peruvians Santiago Canseco, Sebastian Schreier and Brazilian Gabriel Bastos - first youth - 6th, 7th and 8th respectively are all on equal points. Bruna Mello maintains her first woman honour.

In the Junior Fleet, Peruvian Alessio Botteri, 14, took all three wins today.  No matter what conditions he faces, he dominates his young rivals with a perfect score at the top of the leaderboard. 

The fight for 2nd place continues unabated between Lars van Someren (NED-800), John Peter Meier (PER-19), just one point below.  Mario Flores (MEX-50), is just 3 points off a podium place and is in with a chance.

Tomorrow (Saturday) ends this spectacular World Championship Formula Experience - Paracas 2012, and there are still many emotions to live, many positions to define and many joys - and maybe some disappointments - to tell!  Stay tuned!!

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