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2011 Annual General Meeting of the Formula Experience Class
held on Friday 30th December 2011 at  Marina La Amada, Cancun, Mexico.


1) Welcome and registration of delegates and votes
Remi Vila welcomed delegates and observers to the 2011 Annual General Meeting of the FE class.

Apologies had been received from those committee members unable to attend:
Marc Cardon (vice Chairman), Marcello Morrone, Svein Rasmussen, Eivind Feragen and Ricardo Guglielmino.

Delegates, proxys and email votes
Remi Vila -  committee member - present
Marc Cardon - committee member - email vote
Marcello Morrone - committee member - email vote
Svein Rasmussen - committee member - proxy to Remi Vila
Eivind Feragen - committee member - proxy to Remi Vila
Ricardo Guglielmino - committee member - proxy to Alfredo Torres
BRA - delegate present
FRA - email vote (Marc Cardon - FFV/FE FRA)
GRE - email vote
ITA - email vote (Carlo Cottafavi - AICW)
MEX - Eduardo Cano - delegate
PER - Alfredo Torres - delegate

The meeting was declared "quorate" - a quorum is 9 votes as represented by committee present, delegates present, proxies and email, votes.

No further delegates or votes can be accepted.

The following countries were represented, but without voting rights: VEN & ESP.

2) Minutes of the 2010 AGM and any matters arising

The minutes were taken as read; there were no matters arising.

3) Chairman's Report

The FE report to the ISAF Windsurfing Committee was presented by Remi Vila:

Remi reported that the class finally reached its initial objective - that is, from the beginning of the Class, to be a One Design Class; and the future is very good.

4) Financial Statement

a) IWA Annual Accounts   

b) Class Management Accounts 
The key points from the 2010 Management Accounts were:
- overall the IWA recorded a surplus of 17,157 euros, principally through the activity of Techno 293 Class;
- FE recorded a surplus of 4447 euros (up on the previous years surplus of 2135 )
- this surplus is before allocating the cost of IWA Executive Secretary (Ceri Williams) and Administrative Secretary (Annie Dollery) across the member classes;
- FE was, therefore, not a net contributor to IWA surplus;
- membership of the class remained static with fees of 1100 euro received from 10 countries (+ one unpaid)
- entry fees from events was increased on 2009 due to a successful worlds in Brasil.
The 2011 accounts will not be available until the spring of 2012.

A few key points for the AGM:
- IWA is expected to generate a surplus, although much reduced on 2010 (approx 4500 euro);
- FE membership is down slightly, to 1000 euro received from 9 countries;
- event income will be received mainly from Worlds in Mexico, but much reduced income from that received from Brasil in 2010 (down approx 20%).
5) Class Rules 

There were no proposals to change Class Rules.

Regarding the transition to One Design - the class will allow all the "old equipment" listed, as year by year sailors will change to (replace with) FEOD branded equipment.
6) To receive reports on future championship venues

a) 2012 South Americans - Bahia, Brasil -12th to 15th October
b) 2012 World Championships - Paracas, Peru - 15th to 19th December
The possibility of hosting the next World Championship in Europe was discussed, but it was agreed that first there should be a successful European Championship.
It was suggested that the dates for Peru be changed to the same period as this year's.

7)  Elections

The following committee members were re-elected:
Remi Vila (FRA)
Marc Cardon (FRA)
Marcelo Morrone BRA)

The following were elected to the committee:
Keith Atkinson (GBR)
Eduardo Cano Saija (MEX)

8) Any other business (AOB)

a) Remi Vila commented on the new FE OD 11.0 Light Wind sail.
"To encourage the heavy weight racers to join the class, a new 11 Light Wind sail is added to the equipment list. Heavy sailors complain that the 11 is too small and the alloy boom will break due to the fact they don't open the sail in gust like light weight. We introduce the 11 LW sail with a boom modification by add a rope between the 2 alloy boom tube through the sail to make it unbreakable. For me, at 93 kgs, this Championship was a successful test with most of the time 7/9 knots except the last day with 10/15 knots. Request from the AGM was to put an explanation on the web to set up correctly for tall and small rider."

b) The meeting requested to have minimum 20 Charters boards, as here in Mexico, for the Peru worlds. Starboard and the Peru Distributor will work on this.

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