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day: 15 June 2011
day: 16 June 2011
day: 17 June 2011
   Photos by Daniela Morrone

Event Results

The best wind is mid to late afternoon and day one saw four good races from 15.00 local time. Yet another four were raced on day two, then four more on day three in great conditions. With the wind not picking up until late in the day everyone has plenty of time to recover from racing the day before and even take some time for sight-seeing. Competition and tourism combined! Just two races were scheduled and completed in good winds on day four. The final race of the championship was delayed until nearly 16.00 on day 5 - but in the end we completed a full series of 15 races. The prize giving was held during the evening at the beach.
some pics by Daniela Morrone are available in the gallery

 Interview with Marcello Morrone (BRA 3)

1) What are your impressions of this event in Portimao?

We're having a pleasant week here in Portimao. The wind and weather conditions are great and the Portuguese guys made us feel at home.

2) What do you think can be done to attract more competitors to formula racing - both FW and FE?

In my opinion the most important thing to be done is to work inside the club/local fleets promoting local races, clinics and demos. Formula racing is amazing but today we have tons of sports and options appearing and attracting people. One is everytime in the media, other one is advertised as cheaper, another is considered more practical, or more exciting and so on.

Then, the Formula supporters have the task of breaking these paradigms and this should be done at the clubs with the newcomers.

3) Perhaps Formula could be better promoted?

Formula could be in the media too. Both FE and FW have very important and well organized events running in wonderful places with great people involved. Maybe IWA could add in the contracts with the event organizers, an obligation to produce media material like photos, videos and press releases and spread this material to local and national newspapers and TV.

4) What do you think are the particular advantages of Formula?

Formula is cheaper than other sailing classes. FE is even cheaper.

The modern Formula sails are really easy to rig. In 10 minutes or less you have your kit ready for racing. After it, all is packed. I travel with 2 volumes only for any FE event, my board in a board bag and my 2 rigs in the other bag. Very practical.

Formula racing is extremely exciting. Yesterday Fernando Bocciarelli was marking up to 54 km/h on his FE equipment during the races. It's fast, needs tons of concentration to keep everything working and performing and the adrenalin really pumps when you look back or forward and see your competitor rounding the mark 1 meter far from yourself!

5) How do you see the future development of the one design format for FE?

As I said before, I don't think that someone would go into a shop and choose a FE (or FW) exposed in the window. The class should be worked step by step and in a more personal approach. The One Design format makes this job easier not only because we can have charter equipment at the events, but also because every class supporter would be talking the same language in every club in the world. Thus it's also easier to share experiences among all racers in the world.

6) How is it developing in your home country, Brazil?

In Brazil basically we are already racing in OD format. The races are amazing with 15-20 guys in actual conditions to finish in first place there. We have an emblematic photo of our 2010 National Championship. 8 or more boards side by side going to the upwind leg. Everybody would think that that photo should be taken at the start, but actually it was rounding the mark for the second lap after the first downwind! This is what we we're seeing in the Formula One Design racing there.

7) You think it has a strong future worldwide?

Those who try the equipment in racing conditions love it. So the class organizers should give to the people this opportunity and most of the job is done! I have a very positive feel on this class and hope to see lots of FE racers in 2012 in all continents.

8) What are your personal aims in windsurfing?

I love everything involved with windsurfing. My windsurfing school in Brasília is completing 20 years in 2011 and I work with windsurfing 7 days in a week. My aims in the competition scene is to enjoy each event and try to attend as many of them. I have good friends competing and it's always very fun to meet them at the events.

9) The FE Worlds are in Cancun - will you be going?

Yes. Can't wait to be there in an unforgetable new year's party. It could be a good opportunity to have new people trying the FE class spending the holidays racing in a paradisiac venue. Even some FW pros could attend and share their experiences with us!

Interview with Fernando Bocciarelli (BRA 174)

CR - Is this your first visit to Portimao?

FB - Yes - although I have been to Portugal before - in the late 90's I competed in an Optimist championship.

CR - So your background was in sailing (dinghys) before windsurfing?

FB - Yes, I have only been windsurfing for about 6 years, before that I was racing in 470's and Snipes. I still compete in Brasil using HPA25's - a keelboat with 4 man crew - but formula is my main motivation now and specifically in Formula Experience class.

CR - You took part in the Defi Wind this year?

FB - It has always been an ambition of mine to do the Defi Wind - it is something you have to do once in your life! It is such a great atmosphere around the event - so much energy and passion for windsurfing. After Defi I came here -altogether I will be in Europe for 3 weeks.

CR - How is your racing here in Portimao?

FB - I am enjoying the experience, good winds and good racing; I like the area, the food is good, the people friendly. We Brasilians have no language barriers here!
The racing is challenging, I am on FE equipment because I chose the "one -design" option which I think delivers fairer racing.

CR - Only 2 FE riders here, but in South America the class is very strong, why is that?

FB - I do not have the answer, it could be due to many factors; but I am sure it will grow here now we have moved to one design format from 2012. In South America FE makes formula racing accessible and affordable.

CR - How would you like to finish this year, what is your goal?

FB - I will be going to Cancun for the FE worlds at the very end of the year. I will go early to train - my job is very demanding at the moment, but I want to prepare as well as possible and improve on my 3rd place at last year's worlds.

Link to Cancun Worlds page

Link to "Closer Look" of Fernando

Notice of Race    /     View Poster     /     Event Info

One of the best Formula Windsurfing events starts soon on Portugal's Algarve coast - the countdown begins, with less than 1 week to the start of this Championship.

We will have the best weather, with sun, 28 to 30 celsius and 22 to 23 degrees of water temperature. The forecast of wind will be NW between 15 to 20 knots.


Inscription via the International Windsurfing Association online service has now closed but it is not too late to join the event! Entries will be accepted on the first day of the event .

You can find all the information you need on the Notice of Race published on IWA, FW and FE websites.


We have a free transfer between the Faro Airport to Portimao, the transfer will be Saturday 11/06 in the afternoon (the hour will be according to flight details of the competitors who need transfer) Sunday 12/06 afternoon, and Sunday day 19/06.

For everyone needing the transfer please send to us the flight details so the local organizer arrange everything to pick up you and your equipment. Send an email to vchaveca@allgav-it.pt


There is a variety of holiday-rental accommodation, in Portimao - Praia da Rocha, but the local organiser have a contract with a local Hotel with excellent conditions and prices for all the competitors and family. This Hotel MIRACHORO III have also capacity for gear storage.
The hotel is 1km from the event site, every day will be a transfer from the hotel to the beach. In the Morning will be at 10h00 and in the afternoon will be at 19h30, the time table for this transfer will be confirmed more near of the event. http://www.hoteismirachoro.com/

T1 - 40Eur/noite capacity 4 PAX without breakfast (each person in the reservation will choose the breakfast he want, and will pay a add on for each person)
T0 - 35Eur/noite capacity 2 PAX without breakfast (each person in the reservation will choose the breakfast he want, and will pay a add on for each person)
FAX: + 351 282460889
TELEPHONE: + 351 282460880
EMAIL: mirachoro2@mail.telepac.pt

For everyone who will bring sleeping vans or motor homes we have a special card, for you to park in front of the Race Office, we only need that you inform us.

See you in Praia da Rocha.

Vasco Chaveca

Formula Experience One Design European Tour - charter equipment available

Starboard are making available 10 sets of equipment for a series of events to be held in
europe this summer.
The events are :
- 13 to 18 June - FE European Championship in Portugal
- 05 to 07 August - 100% Formula in France
- 12 to 21 August - FW Europeans & Grand prix in Latvia
- 29 August to 03 Sept. - FW JYM Worlds in Denmark
- 15 to 18 Sept. - FW ITA Open in Italy

At the FW (Formula Windsurfing) events there will be a prize division for FE competitors

Included in the Formula Experience One Design Package :
- Formula Experience 160 with Drake R13 70 Ready to RACE fin.
- Overdrive 11 complete rig
- Overdrive 9.7
All for the charter fee of 250€

To apply and book your equipment contact - mailtfe@internationalwindsurfing.com

(view this article as pdf)

2011 Formula European Festival to be hosted in Portimao, Portugal

The Formula Windsurfing European Festival will be hosted by Clube Naval de Portimao from the 13th to 18th June 2011.

The event is organised in co-operation with Portimao City Hall and the Portuguese Windsurfing Association.

The venue has seen many formula events over the past few years - championships and grand prix's - and is a favourite racing location for many classes.

The festival includes the FW Youth & Masters European Championships, FE European Championships and an "Open" event. The Portimao Open allows all those formula racers not yet masters, and too old for the youth division, to participate in this mega event on the Algarve.

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