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What will the One Design Equipment be?

The board will be the Starboard F160, which is already on the market since 2006 and will be not modified. The reason being is that those who already have the board will not need to buy another, so it as affordable as possible. The 160 has been proven that it is good for all categories - from the very young racers up to the grandmaster.


Formula Experience 160 - STB10FMF160
Volume: 160 lts
Length: 228cm
Width: 100.5cm
Tail Width: 77.9cm
Weight: 12.2kg (Tufskin)
Fin: Drake R13 Race NR 700
Fin Range: 60-70cm
Fin box: Deep Tuttle

The One Design rig

The rig will be the Severne Overdrive 2011 as a One Design rig, which will be kept the same during the following years like the board.

The sail design has developed hugely in recent years and it has been radically improved. The sail is very powerful in light winds and much easier to handle in strong winds. The Formula Experience rules allow 2 rigs as a maximum, which can be chosen as the following:

• Above the age of 20 years: 9.7m & 11m (Men) - 8.5m & 9.7m (Women)
• Under the age of 17 years: 8.5m & 7.5m
• Under the age of 15 years: 7.5m & 6.5m

Is bodyweight an issue?

Weight is not an issue, there are two weight divisions in Formula Experience, so you will be ultimately racing against similarly sized sailors.


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