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What is Formula Experience?

Formula Experience is one of the fastest growing windsurfing classes due to its simplicity, high performance and low entry cost. The class was introduced internationally in 2001. It is a racing class designed simply to make Formula Windsurfing as affordable as possible therefore giving more people the opportunity to race!

The purpose of Formula Experience is simple, a cheap racing class and an affordable way to start racing. It is also the perfect 'stepping-stone' from the Techno class. For those looking for fast and thrilling racing without the heavy costs and development hysteria, look no further!

Establishing Formula Experience

In 2001 Bic and Starboard were the only manufacturers, who believed in the class, but now it's almost only Starboard you will find on the water due to the fact that Bic didn't upgrade their shape in 2006. The previous plan of the Class was a white board, this would allow any manufacturers to be part of the One Design with the same shape, but with different brand names on it. After many years the original plan has come to reality with Starboard & Severne sails.

Formula Experience goes One design from 2012

This will be a great step forward for the class, and already fully accepted by South America. One Design really gives the chance for all competitors to show their skills on the race course.

Can FE (Formula Experience) equipment compete with FW (Formula Windsurfing) equipment?

It has been witnessed many times that Formula Experience racers finish in front of the Formula Windsurfing racers, particularly in the youth category. This just shows one important thing: you don't need to invest so much money to enjoy the Formula racing discipline and be competitive. But of course Formula Windsurfing has more overall performance, but with much higher costs.

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