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Hi, I'm Morane Demont from Martinique.

Here is some info about me . . . 

Name: Morane Demont

Age: 17 years

Sail number: FRA-59

Sponsors: Starboard - Severne - Roxy - Deboichet - Afflelou

Hometown/nation: Martinique, Caribbean Islands

Favourite location: Maui, Alacati Turkey, Almenarre France

Favourite conditions: I prefer the light wind but sometimes the really strong wind is funny

Favourite music: Every music and much more Reggae

Favourite food:  When you speak about food I'm there!! I love to eat and I will try if I don't know

Favourite movie: I really like the movie like Grey's anatomie , Dr.House ... in the medical!!

Hobbies: Swimming, Rollerskating, every sport with water ... But I like also to spend time with friends

The best result of your windsurfing career so far:

  • World Champion Formula Experience Boys and girls Youth 2008 in Peru
  • 2nd at the World Championship Senior Woman 2010 in Argentina
  • 3rd at the World Championship Senior Woman 2009 in Spain

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