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MINUTES of the 2010 Annual General Meeting of the Formula Experience Class
held on Thursday 14th October 2010 @ 17.30hrs at Upwind Base 1, Praia Seca, Araruama, Brasil

1.  Welcome, and registration of delegates and votes.

Class Chairman, Remi Vila, welcomed delegates and observers to the meeting.

The following votes were recorded:

Remi Vila - committee member, present
Marcello Morrone - committee member, present
Marc Cardon - committee member, email vote
Eivind Feragen - committee member, email vote
Ricardo Guglielmino - committee member, proxy vote to Giancarlo Botteri
Svein Rasmussen - committee member, email vote
Brazil - member, represented by Marcello Morrone
France - member, email vote
Mexico - member, represented by Ricardo Cano
Norway - member, email vote
Peru - member, represented by Giancarlo Botteri

With 11 votes in the room the meeting was declared quorate.

Apologies - From Marc Cardon who sent a detailed letter of support for the class, of which he has been an active member since its beginning.

2.  Minutes of the 2009 AGM

There were no matters arising.

3.  Chairman's Report & Financial Statement.

Remi Vila reported that the class was growing. There were now 11 member national Associations, a slight increase on last year. Expansion of the class had been greatest in South America, and owed a lot to the dynamic support given by the national distributors.

For the class to expand further, particularly in Europe and Asia, it would require a change to a "one design" format, and the next item on the agenda, class rules, would define the future of the class.

The 2010 championship saw a welcome return to competitor entries not achieved since in 2005. The increased membership and championship entry would ensure the class was once again starting to "pay its way" within the IWA.

The 2009 IWA Accounts were published on the IWA website

4.  Class Rules

See notes in Appendix A and Voting Summary

(a)  It is proposed that the Class Equipment Specification document be approved and published. Approved.

(b)  It is proposed that any Specification rule that ISAF consider should be a Class Rule shall be approved as a Class Rule.  Approved

(c)  It is proposed that the FE Class adopts One Design (OD) equipment - see note (i) Approved

(d)  It is proposed that the FE Class adopts Starboard/Severne OD equipment.  Approved

(e)  It is proposed that the FE Committee define the OD equipment to be used.  Approved

(f)  It is proposed that FE One Design Class Rules be introduced on January 1st 2012. Approved.

(g)  It is proposed that FE One Design Class Rules be introduced on January1st 2013.  Not approved.

(h)  It is proposed that FE One Design Class Rules be introduced on January1st 2014.

(i)  It is proposed that no new equipment be added to the Approved Lists after 2011.

(j)  It is proposed that the introduction of new equipment to the Approved Sail/Rig List be amended to bi-annually (every 2 years) – see note (ii)

(k)  It is proposed to publish an Approved Fin list - see note (iii)  Approved.

(l)  It is proposed that new equipment may be added to the Approved Fin List bi-annually (every 2 years) – see note(iv)

(m)  It is proposed that "spacers" be added to class rule G.5 - Sail Fittings; and C.9.3 be amended accordingly - see note (v)  Approved.

5.  Future Championship venues.

(a) To receive a report on the 2011 Championship schedule: see Appendix B.
     The event schedule was confirmed except for the South American Championship,
     provisionally scheduled for Santiago in March. It was agreed that if the event could not be
     confirmed by November the venue and organiser would change to Brazil.

(b) An open discussion regarding future venues and timing for events.
     It was agreed that the World Championship would be hosted in South America for the
     foreseeable future. Representatives from Peru proposed Windsurfing Association Peru to
     host 2012 worlds in Paracas, during October. Brasil was also candidate for 2012 or 2013.
     As the 2011 agm would be in December it was agreed the committee finalise the 2012
     championship as soon as possible.

6.  Any other business – No proposals received.


Appendix A.

(i) By voting in favour of OD Class Rules you should also vote for the date of their introduction – f) 2012; g) 2013; or h) 2014.

(ii) Currently new sails/rigs can be added annually.

(iii) The following fins to be listed - Drake R19 70 NR;  Drake R13 70 NR;  Drake R13 68 NR;  Drake R13 66 NR.

(iv) Fins currently added at the time of new board registrations, ie every 4 years.

(v) Spacers are supplied with most sails.


Appendix B.

North Americans - Cozumel, Mexico. 17-20 February
South Americans - Chile tbc
Europeans - Portimao, Portugal. 14-19 June
Worlds - Cancun, Mexico. 26 December-1January

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