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MINUTES of the Annual General Meeting of the Formula Experience Class held on Tuesday 7 July 2009.

Venue:  Jury Room, Event Centre, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz.

1)  Welcome, and registration of delegates and votes.

Marc Cardon, Vice Chairman, took the chair and welcomed delegates and observers to the meeting.

The following votes were recorded:
Marc Cardon - committee member, present
Marcello Morrone - committee member, present
Remi Villa - committee member, proxy vote to Marc Cardon
Eivind Feragen - committee member, email vote
Ricardo Guglielmino - committee member, email vote
Svein Rasmussen - committee member, email vote
Brazil - full member, represented by Marcello Morrone
France - full member, represented by Marc Cardon
Peru - full member, represented by Nicolas Schereir

With 9 votes in the room it was determined the meeting was quorate.

2)  Minutes of the 2008 AGM - Ancon, Peru.

There were no matters arising.

3)  Chairman's Report.

Remi Vila apologised for his absence due to a windsurfing accident.  Marc Cardon read the Chairman's report to the meeting. (see below)

4)  Financial Statement.

The 2008 IWA Accounts are to be published at the end of July.

5)  Class Rule changes.

(a) Amended draft of Class Rules - (Appendix A)  Approved YES - 9, NO - 0

(b) Authorise the Class Committee to finalise the Class Rules - Approved

6)  Class Committee recommendations.

(a) Championship Titles - proposal to allocate ISAF World Title to an "open" division from 2010 - Approved YES - 8, NO - 0, 1 Abstention

(b) Revised draft of Championship Rules - (Appendix B) - Approved YES - 9, NO - 0

7)  Future Championship venues.

(a) The following Championships were confirmed for 2010:
Europeans - Cagliari, Sardinia, ITA in early July
Worlds - Maragogi, BRA late October, early November
Dates will be finalised by 31 July 2009

(b) An open discussion regarding future venues and timing for events. 
It was agreed that FE should focus future world championships on South America, whilst encouraging the development of the class elsewhere through continental championships.  It was agreed that co-operation with FW Class should continue beyond 2010 when it benefitted both classes (encouraged competitor entries).

(c) 2009 South American Championships - Paracus, Peru from 23 to 28 July

(d) 2011 World Championships - a bid from Mexico was supported and would be discussed in detail by the Committee

8)  Any other business

No proposals were received or voted on.

Following the decision (6.a) to allocate the ISAF world title to the "open" division, the AGM confirmed its commitment to supporting junior (under 17) racers, and to building the class towards  ISAF "International" status and additional world titles. A junior fleet will still be offered a separate start at future championships.

9)  Elections.

(a) Committee
The following committee members were re-elected:
Remi Vila;  Marc Cardon;  Svein Rasmussen;  Marcello Morrone;  Eivind Feragen - - Approved YES - 9, NO - 0

(b) Chairman & Vice-Chairman
The following were re-elected:
Chairman - Remi Vila -
Approved YES - 9, NO - 0
Vice Chairman - Marc Cardon - - Approved YES - 5, NO - 4



Last year we had a beautiful Championship in Peru with an organization more than motivated. It is the first time that I saw a Championship changing the venue for one day to find the wind; congratulations, it was a real success.

We were able to notice during this Championship that the South America Continent in particular is really motivated for this class which allows windsurfing at lower cost.

In 2010 we will return on this continent with Brazil where the target of more than one hundred registered competitors could be reached. One of reasons moreover for which we propose that ISAF title passes in Open for 2010 so that the class grows even more fast.

It is clear that I do not want to forget the young people and we will approach ISAF to try to become an International Class and so to benefit of 4 titles instead of 1 that we have now.

I have also to thank all people involved in this class to have made a real success of it in this continent and I wish that this success is followed in the rest of the World.


Nobody is shielded from an accident and  I speak from bitter experience.. The life jacket is not a superfluous accessory. I suggest so to include, “that the life jacket must be worn to compete in FE”, in our next class rules.

Remi Vila


APPENDIX A - Draft FE Class Rules 2009

APPENDIX B - Revised Draft Championship Rules


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