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30 July, 23.30

The last day of the first Formula Experience World Championships passed without the promised wind. A shame as some could have used another discard. As it is, the results remain unchanged. Due to a technical problem, the pictures of the prize giving are not yet on line.

Bart Plasschaert, the president of the organising club VVW Inside Outside and his entire team, on the water and off shore did a great job. Their hospitality certainly contributed to the succes of the event.

The Europeans 2005 will most likely take place in France. Dates and venue to be announced soon For the Worlds 2005, Charles Ivey, coach of team USA, invited everybody to the Columbia River (The Gorge) in the west of the USA. The event will take place at the end of July or the beginning of August.

See you all at the next events.

29 July, 19.30

Unfortunately, not enough wind today. Both fleets were called on the water in 8 knots of wind for racing but the races had to be abandonned due to windholes on the course in combination with the strong tidal current.

All team pictures were taken today and are now on line in the galleries.

Tomorrow is the last day of racing. The skippersmeeting is scheduled for 11.00h. Hopefully, the wind will arrive early enough to get some racing in before the prize giving at 18.00h.

28 July, 21.00

The results have been posted.

28 July, 20.30

A very busy day today. After the skippersmeeting at 11.00h this morning, the sailors were put on hold. Meanwhile, some tests were done with a new version of a light wind fin. A picture can be found in the galleries. So far the results remain inconclusive as the wind was very gusty.(2-6 knots).

Just after 14.30, a great day of racing started. With winds of around 14-16 knots, side shore, principal race officer Bruno de Wannemaker really got on a roll and started no less than 5 races in each category. Racing was very exciting and close. And quite a few racers came back ahore totally knackered. In particular the younger kids of 14 and under had a hard time but it is very encouraging to see that they held on. Hopefully, we will have similar conditions tomorrow. The results will be on line soon. The waiting is for the jury hearings.

The atmosphere on the beach is very good. The many volunteers of the organising club VVW Inside-Outside are doing a very good job. Club Chairman Bart Plaraces started sschaert can be proud.

28 July, 14.30.

As the locals predicted, the sea breeze just kicked in 15 minutes ago. Around 12 knots on the course area. Side onshore after having been off shore (3-4) knots all morning. The beach is now teeming with 94 competitors all preparing to go on the water. The start of the 11m2 fleet will be in a few minutes followed by the 8.5 and the 6.5.

27 July, 19.00

Certainly a beautiful sunny day today but the wind never got beyond 6-7 knots. The organisers kept the sailors busy with a rafting contest. Tomorrow, the skippersmeeting will be at 11.00h. Hopefully we will see a nice sea breeze than.

27 July, 10.30

A beautiful sunny day today. Unfortunately not much wind yet. All competitors are on hold for the moment. The organisers expect a sea breeze later today so hopefully we will have some nice racing later.

26 July 12.30, First day of racing.

Not much wind this morning. Principal Race Officer Bruno de Wannemaker called out the 11m2 division but had to abandon the race shortly after the start.

Half an hour later, the 8.5m2 division had their race but only 5 competitors managed to finish within the time limit. We are now waiting for wind.

25 July. End of registration

Today, the 25th of July, was the final day of registration. All charter boards and rigs were handed over to the right people and the racers were busy with fine tuning their equipment and doing some time on the water. In particular to get a feel of the tidal current off Oostende.

With 94 entries of 10 different countries, the turn-out for the first World Championships for Formula Experience was above expectation.

In the afternoon, the Race crew of Bruno de Wannemaker called out the racers for a practise race. It proved to be neccesary as some racers had trouble finding the correct start and finish lines. Leaving some work to be done by the coaches.

At 18.00, organiser Bart Plasschaert, assembled everybody on the beach for the opening ceremony. Unfortunately, it was a rather wet affair due to the rain. The free drinks though were still welcome.

Tomorrow, the competition starts for real and as far as the forecast goes, we will have enough wind to race.

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