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Minutes Formula Experience AGM 2003.
Thailand, 14 December 2003, 11:20.
At the Surf Beach Hotel, Pattaya/Jomtien.


1. Welcome
The meeting was opened at 11.20h, 14 December 2003. The chairman of the meeting noted that the following countries were at the meeting: France, USA, Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, Russia and Norway. Postal votes have been received from: Peru, Germany, Poland, Canada and the United Kingdom. Since this was the first class AGM since the recognition by ISAF last November, there were no minutes of previous meetings.

2. Class activity report 2003, by Marc Cardon. Proposed General secretary (attached). The class activity report was sent out together with all other relevant documents and copies were provided to all present at the meeting. Highlights were read out.

3. Financial Statement by Guy Chilvers, Proposed Treasurer (at the meeting). The financial statement was handed out and Marc Cardon briefly added some further info about the class financial affairs.

4. Election Class Committee. Candidates:
Theo Don, NED. Chairman
Svein Rasmussen, NOR. Vice Chairman, representing Starboard
Marc Cardon, FRA, General Secretary
Guy Chilvers, Treasurer, representing BIC
Charles Ivey, USA, representing Northern America
Ricardo Guglielmino PER, representing Latin America and Caribbean
Patis Waiwong, THA, representing Asia/Oceania
Philip Soltysiak, CAN, representing the competitors

The candidates were introduced to the meeting and all were chosen with all votes (including postal votes) in favour. The committee was installed.
5. Approval Constitution.

The constitution was approved unanimously.

6. Approval Class Rule Changes for the next cycle (2005-2009).

The meeting discussed this item briefly. The class rules changes, barring (1) below, were all approved for 2005 onwards. However, it was considered prudent to wait with a final decision on board change till the ISAF November meeting 2004. The reason is that Formula Experience could be a potential feeder class to the new Olympic Class if a short board class will be chosen. The class could possibly benefit from the ongoing development in this respect. It was felt that the first year would see a lot of development in boards for the Olympic Class. By shifting the transition date backwards, Formula Experience would be able to introduce the latest models of the Olympic boards or similar boards, in ASA construction for formula Experience. All other proposed changes will take effect in the 2005 season. After this one year wait, our four years changes cycle will start again in its normal way, what will allow us, if need be, to adapt our rules more easily, to next possible Olympic changes.

(1) It was noted that the UK prefers to keep the maximum width at 1005. This item will be taken in consideration when taking the final decision for the board change.

It was also noted that Phil Soltysiak has proposed to allow all types of sails in the 11m2 division, but it was not accepted.
7. Approval correction mast weights for the 2004 season by adapting the changes planned for 2005 one year ahead of schedule (mast weights only!) (see class rules). All were in favour. The new minimum weights will take effect as of March 2004.

8. Approval Class Fee structure 2004.

According to the constitution, the AGM sets the fees for the next year. The following system was approved: Membership fee per national Formula Experience Class organisation. Depending on the number of registered racers in a country
- Up to 20 competitors: 50 Euro and 1 vote at the AGM
- 21-50 competitors: 100 Euro and 2 votes
- Over 50 competitors: 150 Euro and 3 votes

9. Events planned for 2004

The events planned for 2004 were discussed. In view of the ISAF requirement regarding provisional status, the first Worlds has to be held before the 2004 ISAF meeting. Since the class has a high percentage of juniors and youth, it is a necessity to have the major events in the school holidays. It is possible to shift the Worlds to August. Norway however expressed concern regarding having the Europeans and Worlds within two weeks of each other. Norway feels that people will choose events rather then go to both. The committee was asked to look into this matter.
10. Any other business. There being no further business, the meeting closed at 13.00 h.

Theo Don

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