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Place: Best Western Hotel, Hood River (Columbia River Gorge), Oregon, USA
Time: August 4, 2005

Countries: Canada, John Darling; France, and Committee member, Marc Cardon; Norway, Karin Berentsen; Peru, and Committee member, Ricardo Guglielmino; USA, Carolyn Boersma.

Technical Committee: Charles Ivey (USA), chairman; Peter England (U.K.), member, Class Measurer; Lill Hollstedt (Norway).

Regrets: Theo Don (Netherlands) past Chairman, resigned; Guy Chilvers (UK) past treasurer, resigned; Svein Rasmussen (Starboard/Norway); Patis Waiwong (Asia/Oceania); Didier Flamme (France); Bart Plasschaert (Belgium); Arek Hronowski (Poland)

Observers: Jan Willen Eckhardt (Netherlands); Pepi Gerald (Sailworks USA); Bill Kline (USA); Nevin Sayre (BIC USA); Remi Vila (F.W.I.).

Chair: Marc Cardon elected to Chair the AGM

Secretary: John Darling appointed the AGM recording secretary

As the quorum was met, more than nine (9) votes, the Chairman opened the 2005 AGM at 8:45 following a general discussion of class perspectives.

1. No postal votes have been received.

2. Minutes of the 2003 AGM held on 14 December in Pattaya Thailand: Motion carried unanimously to adopt.

3. Chairman's Report: In the absence of the outgoing Chairman, Marc Cardon read the report of Theo Don.

Karin B. (Norway) stated than an important fact is missing form the chairman's report: that the FE Class Association has been approved by ISAF since November 2004 following a year of provisional status. It was agreed to ask Theo Don to include the ISAF's approval of the class in his report. Charles Ivey (USA) questioned that the majority of the Technical Committee agreed not to have a Hybrid Division and that it should go on record that there was "not sufficient support for a Hybrid Division."

4. Financial Report: Marc Cardon (France) presented a financial statement and reviewed the items. The balance at end of 2003 was 1838.24 Euros. At the end of 2004 this balance was increased to 8696.93 Euros. The current balance for 2005 is 8450.69 Euros showing ISAF dues paid but no national class dues paid to date. He noted that only Starboard has paid their manufacturer's fee and that BIC had not paid their fee due to personnel changes in that organization. Attempts were made without success to get BIC's fee paid by this 2005 AGM, but payment by BIC is expected soon and Marc will follow up upon his return.

It was noted that expenses incurred by Theo Don and Marc Cardon in setting up the class and holding previous class and ISAF meetings will have to be reimbursed in due time. These unpaid expenses amount about 3 000 Euros each, including transportation costs. Charles Ivey proposed and it was adopted by committee that the class should immediately make these reimbursement payments upon receiving BIC's dues.

5. Technical Committee: Charles Ivey (USA) reported. (Click here to view) It was adopted by unanimous agreement. Peter England (UK) pointed out than proposals for board modifications (Starboard) or from new suppliers (Exocet) must be received by the class by September 1, 2005, and that these modified and new FE boards would be made available for use by January 1, 2006. (So far Exocet is the only board brand asking for information.)

a. Charles Ivey (USA) expressed the view that all present boards should be "grandfathered" (all present class boards will remain class legal.) This view was accepted.
b. A discussion on how 75% carbon content masts are to be identified followed. Ricardo Guglielmino (Peru) stated that all 75% carbon content mast brands should appear on the FE class website. Charles Ivey added that this website list should be updated annually.
c. Peter England (UK) and Ricardo Guglielmino (Peru) appointed to Technical Committee (Didier Flamme also continued on Cttee.)
6. Committee elections: Half of the Committee must be elected or re-elected.
Resigning and not standing for re-election

- Theo Don, Chairman
- Guy Chilvers, Treasurer,
- Philip Solysiak, Youth Representative

Resigning and standing for re-election

- Marc Cardon, Secretary, Candidate for post of Chairman
- Charles Ivey, North America, Candidate as Chair Technical Committee

New candidates:

- John Darling from Canada
- Karin Berentsen from Norway
- Remi Villa from FWI (France)


- Marc Cardon (France) elected as Chairman
- John Darling (Canada) elected to Committee
- Karin Berentsen (Norway) elected to Committee
- Charles Ivey (USA) elected to Committee and Chair Technical Committee
- Remi Villa (FWI, France) elected to Committee

So the new committee is now:
Marc Cardon, FRA Chairman
Svein Rasmussen, NOR Vice-Chairman
Charles Ivey, USA Chair Technical Committee
Ricardo Guglielmino, PER
Patis Waiwong (Pop), THA
John Darling, CAN
Karin Berentsen, NOR
Remi Villa, FWI (France)

The new committee will meet tomorrow to appoint secretary and treasurer.

7. Class Committee recommendations: The minutes of the coaches and technical meeting held in Belgium were adopted. (Click here to view)

8. Class rules changes:

a. Unanimously agreed to approve the use of equipment lists as the principal method of determining class legal equipment.
b. The following recommendations from the coaches and technical committee were dealt with:

i. Unanimously agreed to retain the 8.5m2 sail for juniors

ii. Proposal to change the maximum sail size for women from 11m2 to 10m2 was defeated.

iii. Unanimously agreed to adopt the proposal to change the maximum sail size for the Under 15 class from 6.5m2 to 7.2m2. Ricardo Guglielmino (Peru) also suggested a maximum 5.5m2 sail size for 12 and Under sailors - no action taken at this time)

iv. Proposal to change the maximum sail size for men from 11m2 to 10m2 defeated

v. Unanimously agreed to eliminate class rule 4.8 "Headboards are prohibited."

vi. Unanimously agreed to eliminate from class rule 3.4.1 the phrase "The 'operational length' shall not exceed 2400 cm from the 7.5m2 and 8.5m2 division

9. Adjournment of the AGM at 11:15

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