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Sebastian Aguirre reports from FE in Brazil
Posted On:  01/11/2009 09:03:38
The first day of training was great! Hot weather and warm water with winds picking up to 25 knots was excellent for us to get used to the place were we are going to compete. It was choppy water for me as I am used to train on really really flat water like Ancon or Paracas in Peru. This was quite different. Before going to Brazil, I knew that the conditions were going to be like this so I started to train in places with more chop so I can get used to it.

I had an inconvenience on the trip which was that my board had broken on the flight and therefore I had to spend most of the day trying to fix the board with my dad. We finally did it and I could train really good and had a lot of fun with my friends from Peru and we enjoyed Brazil the first day.

The second day, we had winds from 10-14 knots which helped a lot as well. We had already trained with high winds and we needed to train with low wind so we can try these conditions and trim our sails to them. After 30 minutes of training, my footstrap broke so I had to go out and repair it. I manage to do it and then could not train as the board had to dry so I borrowed a board. It was quite good although I only trained for 30 minutes more.

The third day, Thursday, one day before the practice race we had a tiny storm. On the morning about 8 am the wind was about 25 knots but then it dropped to 10 due to the tropical weather in Brazil. I managed to train for 10 minutes and then my batten broke from my sail. So again I had to go out derig the sail and fix it again. Finally, I was back in the water training with 12 knots winds and then it dropped to 8 knots.

Now, after all the training and the practice race tomorrow, I am more than prepared to go out and get a place in the podium. After all that had happened to me and my equipment I am more than ready to go and compete this championship and win this event.

Best luck for all of you and stay tuned with this amazing championship,

Sebastian Aguirre PER-7 

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