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Open meeting of the Technical Committee
Posted On:  17/12/2007 12:05:40

During the AGM last December in Pattaya, it was decided to postpone changes in boards by one year since the outcome of the ISAF selection of Olympic equipment would not be known until November 2004. This ISAF decision may have a profound inpact on windsurfing in general and as such also on Formula Experience.
So ,the AGM decided than the next AGM will take place after the ISAF November 2004 meeting.
Nevertheless, the Formula Experience Technical Committee wants to take the opportunity to ask all competitors and coaches assembled at the Worlds for their views on windsurfing. This will gives the Technical Committee the tools to produce a well balanced proposal for the event, taking the outcome of the ISAF discussion also into account.
The open meeting of the Technical Committee will be held in Oostende at a time and place to be announced later.
The organisation of the meeting will be in the capable hands of Charles Ivey in his capacity as chairman of the Technical Committee.
Comments can be sent to Charles Ivey at charlesivey@cox.net
Team USA for the Formula Experiece North American Championships.
Left to right:

Todd Selby,
Kye Wheeler,
Jimmy Sobeck,
Lisa Kremer,
Jeremiah Malina,
Clay Selby
19 April: Team Germany page added with info on the German Qualification system.


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