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3 major FE events for 2008
Posted On:  14/02/2008 22:36:00

Hi All,

This season we will have 3 major events in Formula Experience:

  • Pan American Cup Formula Experience in Brazil 6 to 9 November 2008 
  • European Formula Experience in Bandol (France) 28 to 31 August 2008.
  • World Formula Experience in Paracas (Peru) 28 December 2008 to 3 January 2009.

For the 2 European and World events we will have rental boards and rigs. This class is inexpensive and  perfect to help youth sailors or anyone else to race at an affordable price. You can choose the following boards and rigs when you are registered for your class.


  • Bic Techno Formula 
  • Starboard Formula 160 asa

2008 Sails:

  • Neil-Pryde V8
  • North Sails S-Type and Ram F8,
  • Maui Sails MS2,
  • Severne Overdrive,
  • Aerotech Rapide Fire,
  • Naish Redline,
  • Gun Sails Booster,
  • Tushingham Twin Cam,
  • Sails Works Retro,
  • KA Sails Slalom
  • Speed or any sails which fit into the rules of 3 cams max and 7 battens max.

The masts have to be 75% carbon or less and the boom 100% alloy. With this inexpensive and durable equipment they can have exciting races and follow the Julien Quentel story.

Before racing Formula and Slalom at the highest level, Julien Quentel was gaining experience by racing in the Formula Experience class. Leader of a new generation of racers, Julien Quentel shows that Formula Experience is the way to go.

Julien Quentel

2007 Formula Windsurfing European Champion
2006 Formula Windsurfing World Vice-Champion
2005 Formula Experience European Champion
2005 Formula Experience World Champion
2004 Formula Experience World Champion
2003 Formula Experience European Champion



Find out more at http://www.internationalwindsurfing.com/ and the FFV web site: http://www.ffvoile.net/ffv/web/pratique/windsurf/documents/Jauges_2006_2008.pdf  page 5 & 6.


Formula Experience Chairman

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