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1 January 2004.
Posted On:  17/12/2007 10:32:28

The new Notice of Race for the Pan Americans (18-20 March) has been published. The venue has been changed to Cabarete because of a great hotel deal. Check it out!

December 29th 2003.
On behalf of the entire Formula Experience Committee, we all wish you a very good and windy 2004.
A new year, a new colour. Hopefully, easier to read.
We had a very successful Asian/Pacific Championships. The organisation of the Windsurfing Association of Thailand and the Eastern Windsurfing Club was excellent. The wind was cooperative and the racing exciting. Unfortunately, we had some problems with the computer to get some reports on the Internet. To mention just two, 1500 viruses on the system and the fact that the computer froze the moment you tried to open a second program. Nevertheless, you can read some reports here
Formula Experience is growing faster than expected, which is certainly good news, but requires a change in the event schedule. This needs some explanation. Formula Experience was granted ISAF recognized status last November. The normal ISAF procedure is that the status is provisional at first. ISAF will evaluate the first World Championships and than, if everything is satisfactory, recommend the ISAF council to grant final status at the ISAF November meeting following the Worlds. Since our Worlds were originally planned for December 2004 which would come more than a year after receiving ISAF Recognized Status in November 2003, we would not be able to be evaluated and reviewed until November 2005. Originally, that was not a problem. However, since the reactions we received are so positive and the class is growing faster than expected, we now want to go for ISAF International status as soon as possible. This means we have to speed things up by one year and have our Worlds before the 2004 November meeting.
Fortunately, the organisers of the Europeans 04 in Oostende Belgium, have no problem with upgrading this event to World Championship status.
So, we will have our
First Formula Experience World Championships in Oostende, Belgium. 25-30 July 2004
We will go to the USA for the second Worlds because US Windsurfing agreed to organize the next World Championships, most likely in August 2005.
A gap in December? Not at all, we will have the Asian Pacific Championships again in Thailand. This time, over the Christmas school break so more people can go to this event.
In Thailand, we had our first AGM. All relevant documents can be consulted in a new section of this site.


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