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Formula Experience South Americans
Posted On:  10/10/2012 12:32:03

"Bahia was the first land to be stepped by the portuguese explorers on 1500. Naturally they came to Brazil sailing and found at Bahia a very beautiful place with warm waters and a nice breeze. And Bahia has been chosen to hold the '12 South American Championship. The races start on Thursday and sailors from Chile, Peru, Argentina and Venezuela are already confirmed to share the race course with the Brazilians.

The organizers are working hard to build the event site at Porto da Barra beach offering the best conditions for the sailors. To give comfort for the competitors and their families was one of the goals of the organizers. Other target to achieve is to have the best possible "on water" structure. Since last week they are testing the conditions and courses, now with the help of the first racers already there and discussing for months all the possibilities. There will be a full structure on water, including a huge catamaran working as a floating rehydration base for the racers between the races.

The next South American Champion will be, of course, the first place overall, but it's expected a huge competition in all ages divisions of the event with high level sailors trying to do their best. The FE, at its earlier years, was a basically a Junior and Youth class, but at Bahia, the Masters and Gran Masters will form extremely competitive fleets as well. And other surprise on the entry list is expected and could add some spice from Bahia on the peruvian ceviche.

Follow all the news from the 2012 South American Championship daily here from Thursday to Sunday and welcome to all foreign teams coming to Brazil".

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