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Welcome Uruguay!!
Posted On:  26/05/2012 10:43:42

Why Uruguay chose to move to FEOD and not another class?

The main reason why we've chosen the FE is because we were looking for a One Design Class. We used to compete in a one design class called IMCO, until the ISAF at the Olympics in Athens 2004 decided to change the Olympic board to RSX, as a consequence we had to sell our equipment and searching for a new path of windsurf here.

So we made a drastic change that was valuable for the sport and started racing in Formula Windsurfing.

The high performance boards and the big sails attracted lots of curious sailors who joined us, but our major problem was not being a one design class. Everyone had a different board, sail, mast or boom, so you couldn't know the results were given by the sailors' skills or because of their different equipments.

We were delighted by the Formula performance, in fact, we didn't want to change the spirit of the class. We heard about Peru and Chile's great experience with the FE so we investigated and learned about it. The idea of having a one design class attracted Uruguayan sailors and together with the high performance and the lower entry costs makes the perfect class to race here.

What is your expectation for the next World in Peru?

We are willing to have as much racers at the worlds as we can in order to gain experience and get Uruguay to join the FE community. In addition, we are planning to have a very intensive training during the summer aiming to reach the South American Championship in 2013 with many racers and with real chances of fighting the top positions. Hoping to reach the level of an international competitor as we have plenty of time to practice.

What is your feeling of the Future in Uruguay with FEOD?

I think we made a great start by doing the importation of the first 33 boards, this will allow us to have lots of regattas with plenty of competitors.

Even though most competitors live in Montevideo, there is a strong presence in Paysandu, which is very important in order to continue with the promotion of the sport and the class within the country. We are planning to begin with national championships in different cities of Uruguay, so as to show everyone the Formula Experience One Design Class and see if we can catch more sailors.

This great start was also because we had the support of the Nautilus Yachting Club during all the project stages. This Club is where most of FE competitors are sailing. We are now implementing the Starboard Windsurf School for next season with the main objective that is to promote windsurf competition.

I think if we continue working as we are right now, and with the help of this future project we might think of having more competitors in the near future and who knows we might end organizing a southamerican Championship here at Uruguay


Rodrigo Gonzalez

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