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New for 2012
Posted On:  19/03/2012 12:27:46

Thinking of buying a new sail or complete rig?
If the answer is YES - the new Severne FE One-design sail is the one for you.
1. REFLEX System - The unique SEVERNE REFLEX System redefines the dynamics of batten tension technology. Foil tension is locked forward in the sail while the leech is automatically freed to twist and flex under load. This maintains a forward draft position, maximizing speed and acceleration in a previously unachievable wind range.

2. Dropped Clew with Dual Clew Positions - Allows reduced boom and luff lengths. Reduces swing weight, increases stability and works in unison with the REFLEX System to allow leech to twist and flex under load. Dual clew position allows different clew heights for different sizes of rider and sail behavior.

3. 3 XL Cams

4. Stabilizor Panel - Thicker film designed to hold the 3D shaping of this critical area. This feature reduces the vertical stretch of the sail over time. It preserves the precise shaping of the sail and creates a more stable foil shape when the sail is under load.

5. X-Ply Frame - For racing durability and equipment longevity
Formula Experience 11.0 LightWind
Developed specifically for the Formula Experience class of racing for heavier riders to be competitive at the front of the fleet in light winds. This sail has increased depth, less luff curve, a longer boom length and a tighter head and leech.


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