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2011 Formula Experience World Champion
Posted On:  06/01/2012 17:31:27
Congratulations Nicolas Schreier
2011 Formula Experience World Champion ...

We asked Nicolas a few questions after the event in Cancun ...

Q. What were the biggest challenges you faced throughout the event?
First of all I think the biggest challenge was the current. Here in Peru we don't used to race and sail with current and that makes the competition very tricky. Secondly, the high level of the Mexican guys, there are a lot of big talents in Mexico and for sure that was a big challenge for me. They have great technique and they train very intensively.

Q. How did you feel the about the conditions of the event?
On the first days of the event, the wind was very low. That affected me a lot because I trained mostly to sail in stronger winds. Luckily, the wind increases the last two days and that help me to could push upwards to first place. This was not so easy because Mauricio Martinez and Fernando Souza were fighting a lot in the top places.

Q. Did you feel 100% prepared?
Not really. When the wind was very light, I thought it would be difficult to be at the top, but when I saw the forecast I smiled and just patiently waited for stronger conditions to arrive. Now I know what are my weaknesses and I will train hard to fix them.

Q. What’s your next challenge?
To win at The 2012 Formula Experience Championships - 15-19th December in Peru

Q. What are your aims for 2012?
I will want to increase the level of the Peruvian team and also the number of competitors. I'd really like to try my best to encourage as many competitors as possible to enter the next World Championships

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