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Formula Windsurfing UK Website goes live
Posted On:  25/03/2011 08:36:17

A new website about formula windsurfing in the UK, and for formula windsurfers in the UK, is now on line.

The website is the result of a collaboration between Keith Atkinson and Ceri Williams, both long term supporters of the class and its racing format.

Ceri Williams, who is chairman of the International Formula Windsurfing Class, commented - "there has been a need, for some time now, for a dedicated website to promote formula racing, and formula racers, here in the UK. We hope this is the beginning of a reversal of fortunes for the class here in the UK; wherever there is a dedicated national body the sport of formula racing is steadily growing - for example in Australia, northern europe and USA."

Keith added - "we need the input from the UK's formula riders - our initiative was to set up a site for riders, by riders. If you have any stories, pictures, event reports, videos or anything else related to Formula Windsurfing in the UK, please send us the details through the website."


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