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Peruvian National FE Windsurfing Championship
Posted On:  17/11/2010 10:10:28
After several events were cancelled due to lack of wind or too much wind, last weekend, the Peruvian National Championship was finalized.

The event was held in Paracas, in the desert, in a natural reserve area. The weather, was sunny, clear and the wind was blowing as required. 3 races were scheduled by the RC for the first day. On Saturday Nov 13, 3 races were run in excellent conditions, winds of approximately 15 knots, with sailors in the OPEN division mostly on Severne Overdrives 11, and most sailors on Starboard ASA 160 boards. The Junior division was mainly on SOD 8.5.

On Sunday Nov 14, there was a "Beginners Peruvian National Event" for sailors with no prior competition experience. The event was a huge success, with kids on sails 3 to 7m2; most on Starboard 136, 156 (excellent learning boards) and some on Prokids boards. It was exciting to see the beginners getting used to the starting sequence. The first race had the leaders heading all to the wrong buoy; once the mistake was realized, the leaders had the most distance to track back. The second and third beginners' races were run in windier conditions, up to 15 knots. Overall it was a very well run event with all the kids doing exceptionally well. The Peruvian National Beginners Champion for 2010 is Santiago Aguirre (PER 4) on Starboard/Severne equipment (pictured below), closely followed by Denisse Blondet and Maria Belen Bazo.

After the Beginners' races, 3 more races were held for the OPEN Division in winds of around 20 knots. Overall, it was a very exciting championship with 6 valid races for the OPEN event and 3 races for the beginners.

Nicolas Schreier (PER 2) and Sebastian Aguirre (PER 7) were 1st and 2nd (pictured above), while Sebastian Aguirre was also first Youth. Alessio Botteri was first Junior.

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