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Interview with Nicolas Schreier
Posted On:  07/10/2010 21:33:09
South American Formula Experience Championship Winner - Nicolas Schreier - feeling confident of a good result at the Rio Worlds which kicks off in just three days' time . . .  

How did you feel running up to the competition, did you anticipate a good result?

I feel really good. I`ve been training a lot since the South American Championships, and I thought that I will do a good job. The results are difficult to know, anything can happen in racing.

What training did you do before the event in preparation?

I went to the gym everyday. I have a personal trainer and I've been doing a lot of gym work. On the weekends, I trained with the team from Peru to get more performance from my equipment.

How did you feel when you won?

Happy of course! But in general, I feel really grateful to my friends and all the people that help me to could make that result possible like my sponsors (Starboard, Severne, TWA, JEEP, Airmax). Windsurfing is part of my life and it makes me so happy. 

The Formula Experience World Championships are upon us now, you must be on a high from the last result, are you confident to take a podium position in the World Championships?

Well, always you feel a little bit of nerves before of the championship but I really feel good with the level I am performing at and I know I can achieve a very good result.

What do you like about Formula Experience?

That it's very competitive and not so expensive like Formula Windsurfing. It allows all my friends to learn a lot from windsurf and reach a good level, and to compete with other people from all over the world.

You originally competed in Formula Windsurfing, What were your reasons for competing in the Formula Experience class?

That it's a cheaper equipment and that allows me and my friends improve a lot in windsurfing, there were stronger numbers in Formula Experience so I could have fun racing in my country.

Formula Experience is a great discipline which makes competitive windsurfing accessible to the masses, what advice would you give to anyone interested in racing in Formula Experience?   

Today the equipment is very good, with excellent boards and rig components in alloy make it very resistant to wear and tear. With this accessible equipment the people will learn a lot and improve in racing, they will have the level to race with everyone.

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