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Bebeko Maia, BRA 1313, on Cagliari
Posted On:  12/07/2010 20:47:45
Sailing Formula Experience has been important in my development in Windsurfing. Through this class, in which I am sailing two years, I have learned a lot and significantly improved my techniques and performance. I participate in races in under 17 and youth in the FE class in Brazil, around the world and, as a class to access Windsurfing, FE has been very important to me.

The Formula Windsurfing European Championships 2010 in Cagliari, was a major challenge for me because of my main opponent, Oscar Ania Barrachina - ESP 161. He has great technical skills and this puts a lot of responsibility on your sailing, providing a match race format with very similar equipment – in fact, we have 100% identical equipment. A major dispute, requiring strategic skills all the time during the five races, demanded much of the sailors. The winner is the one that won in the small details and technical actions, these actions demonstrated by the fact that in almost all races we compete together, always finishing one after the other.

The greatest experience I have gained in this European event in 2010, was to let go and compete with the Formula Windsurfing Youth and Masters, and winning in some races with good placement, taking into account the vast difference between technical equipment used in the FE and FW, and the high technical level of the competitors of FW.

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