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Fun Time Racing - A new initiative of the Formula Experience Class.
Posted On:  17/12/2007 12:13:00

Formula Experience is now growing fast a class aiming at juniors, youth and interested amateur racers and clearly fills a gap. However, we receive a lot of questions from interested sailing and windsurfing clubs, parents and individuals that wonder what is the best way to enter competitive sailing.

While Formula Experience is certainly not intended for top-level and professional racing, the level is still considered a bit too high for those in their first or second year of windsurfing.

Until recently, for this group there was no other option than tedious learning and sailing on old design long boards. With the emerge of the new wide style boards, that is fortunately a thing of the past. A side effect of this development however is that once popular youth classes like the Aloha One Design have now dwindled to a very small level. In other words, a new initiative for the entry level group was needed.

The new generation entry level boards are very easy to sail and yet fast and agile that they are more than capable to be used for the first steps in competition. So Formula Experience took the initiative to form a special entry level group within the Formula Experience class under the name of Fun Time Racing.
Since this is an entry level class, the equipment used may vary from place to place in order to be able to use locally popular boards to maximum effect.
All boards eligible for this division have a durable construction such as ASA and come with a daggerboard.

Photo: E. Feragen

There are two maximum sail sizes:

7.5m2 (max 3 cams, max 7 full length battens). Open to all ages.

5.5m2 (no cams), specially intended for the most junior racers; the hotshots (under 13). Perfect boards for this age group are the specialized kid boards (Starboard Starsurfer and Exocet Kidjunior)

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